AdeptiCon 2015 Special Guest: Andy Chambers

February 05th, 2015 | Category: AdeptiCon News,Guest of Honor     

This post is from a previous AdeptiCon and does not apply to the current event!

Andy ChambersIt is with great pride that AdeptiCon, in conjunction with Geek Nation Tours, announces a very special guest to this year’s event…the one and only Andy Chambers! Once known as the “40K Overfiend”, Andy’s influence on Games Workshop’s universe is indisputable. Andy is a veteran writer and games designer with more than twenty five years experience in creating games dominated by giant robots, spaceships and dangerous aliens. He is best known for his work in the Warhammer 40,000 universe. From 1990 to 2004 he worked at Games Workshop as designer for three editions of the Warhammer 40,000 miniatures game (2nd 3rd and 4th), as well as titles like Warhammer Fantasy Battle, Necromunda, Space Marine, Titan Legions, Epic 40,000, Gorkamorka and Battlefleet Gothic. In 2005 Andy moved into the PC gaming world to work on the hit real time strategy game Starcraft 2 by Blizzard Entertainment. Andy is currently working as a freelancer designing games and writing fiction for a variety of publishers, recent works include; the Dark Eldar Dysjunction trilogy for Black Library, short fiction and a novel set in Paolo Parente’s Dust universe, the Armies of the Soviet Union, Ostfront and Empires in Flames books for Warlord Games’ Bolt Action system and story/world development for several mobile game titles. Future projects in the works include a tabletop spaceship game for Hawk Wargames’ Dropzone Commander universe and a WW2 mass aerial combat game entitled Blood Red Skies.

Truly one of the legends in the industry, Andy Chambers is a very welcome guest at this year’s AdeptiCon!

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