AdeptiCon Talks 2014: Return to the Aetherium

April 28th, 2014 | Category: AdeptiCon News     

This post is from a previous AdeptiCon and does not apply to the current event!

interviewsAdeptiCon may be officially wrapped up and packed up for the 2014 season, AdeptiCon Talks isn’t ready to go quietly. It seems the hybrid board/miniature game Aetherium was one of the surprise hits from AdeptiCon 2014. We sit down one last time with Brian, Chris and Vince while the Kickstarter has a few days left to go. We chat about the AdeptiCon experience, what we can expect post Kickstarter, the next races, how we will be able to get the next factions, competitive vs casual play and a host of other topics. So sit back and lets enter the Aetherium.

The AdeptiCon Talks interviews are an ongoing discussion series with a wide variety of AdeptiCon attendees, staff, organizers and vendors. Conducted by Andrew Sherman, and Mark Dieter. These interviews will give you a quick insight into the motivations and machinations behind the fervor and fury that is AdeptiCon.Listen to the interviews on iTunes now, or subscribe on your Android device to!

Be sure to check out Andrew’s podcast, Ohiohammer, as well as Mark’s Malifaux Podcast, Through the Breach.

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