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Elrik’s Hobbies Celebrates Another AdeptiCon!

November 17th, 2017 | Category: AdeptiCon News,Sponsor News     

Hey Hey AdeptiCon Fans…the gang at Elrik’s Hobbies has your Holiday Shopping in the bag with an amazing “Another Year, Another AdeptiCon” discount code! In honor of registration opening today, Elrik’s Hobbies is boosting the spirit by releasing this amazing pre-con offer:20% off all their resin bases until December 31st 2017!DISCOUNT CODE: holiadepti18They’re comin’ in […]

Gamemat.EU Official Partner of Warhammer 40K Combat Patrol

March 12th, 2017 | Category: AdeptiCon News,Event Updates,Sponsor News     

AdeptiCon 2017 announces as an official partner of the Warhammer 40K Combat Patrol and Kill Team events!Gamemat.EU is a wargame battle mats and terrain company. You will enjoy their amazing battle mats complemented by their pre-painted, resin terrain sets, both combined, will create some stunning battlefields for AdeptiCon 2017. Check out’s vast range […]

Elrik’s Hobbies Returns to AdeptiCon 2017

February 13th, 2017 | Category: AdeptiCon News,Sponsor News,Swag Bag Contents,Vendor Hall     

AdeptiCon 2017 welcomes back Elrik’s Hobbies, a USA-based company who specializes in hand-crafted resin bases. These bases are sized to accommodate a large number of popular wargames. Furthermore, the themes of Elrik’s bases are as diverse as the games are, so you’re sure to find what you’re looking for.Elrik’s is providing not one but TWO […]

TABLEWAR™ 40K Team Tournament Prizes!

February 11th, 2017 | Category: AdeptiCon News,Event Updates,Sponsor News     

AdeptiCon 2017 presents TableWar™ prize support for the Warhammer 40K Team Tournament! The overall winners of the AdeptiCon Warhammer 40K Team Tournament will be the lucky recipients of four TABLEWAR™ Mini-Tower Cases. The Mini case is Flight Friendly; specifically, clearing security is a breeze and this carry-on item fits underneath an airplane seat! We took […]

VIG Perk: Anvil Eight Presents RexCon Diver!

February 06th, 2017 | Category: AdeptiCon News,Sponsor News,Swag Bag Contents     

AdeptiCon, in conjunction with Anvil Eight Games, is keen to present each AdeptiCon VIG bag, with an exclusive RexCon Diver miniature who operates as a powerful Function program within the Aetherium universe. The RexCon Diver is an exclusive AdeptiCon miniature and will not be for sale elsewhere beyond the convention. The RexCon Diver miniature represents […]

VIG Perk: Through the Breach: Penny Dreadful – Nythera

March 14th, 2016 | Category: AdeptiCon News,Sponsor News,Swag Bag Contents     

As AdeptiCon draws nearer, we keep receiving more information about the ever-so-valued VIG Swag Bag. AdeptiCon, in partnership with Wyrd Games, brings each VIG a copy of Through the Breach: Penny Dreadful – Nythera.This ever-expanding RPG lets you create characters in the world of Malifaux, each fated to their own destiny. In place of dice, […]

Reaper Paint & Take Returns!

March 14th, 2016 | Category: AdeptiCon News,Sponsor News,Vendor Hall     

Come and join us for Reaper Miniature’s Paint and Take! Reaper Miniatures will be providing the miniatures, brushes and paint…all you need to do is have a seat, have some fun, get some tips, paint a miniature and most importantly…keep that miniature! That best part? It is free! The Reaper Paint and Take station will […]

Arena Rex: AdeptiCon MMXVI Charity Auction

February 28th, 2016 | Category: AdeptiCon News,Army Charity Raffle,Sponsor News     

AdeptiCon is proud to have Arena Rex join us this year in the exhibitor hall and have they ever unleashed the beast! Two full cohorts for Arena Rex have been supplied by Red Republic Games for the charity raffle, including a starter set, titan mounts and their riders for both Ludus Magnus and the Morituri. […]

ModCube Awakens!

February 16th, 2016 | Category: AdeptiCon News,Sponsor News     

The force is strong with ModCube! Twenty lucky X-wing participants will receive a free ModCube Dogfight set simply for playing in one of the many X-Wing events at AdeptiCon 2016.You can configure a cube for X-wing with a standard loadout of action faces, like Focus, Evade, Stress, Target Lock, Target Lock/Focus and Target Lock/Stress. Additionally […]

Badger Air-Brush Returns to AdeptiCon

February 04th, 2016 | Category: AdeptiCon News,Sponsor News     

AdeptiCon is once again proud to partner with America’s premiere airbrush and airbrush supplies manufacturer – Badger Air-Brush Company!Badger will once again have a major presence at the convention, with demos and experts on-hand to answer your air-brushing questions. Badger will also have a wide range of their quality products for sale, including some new […]

AdeptiCon 2016 Vendor Hall Roster!

February 03rd, 2016 | Category: AdeptiCon News,Sponsor News     

Over 40 companies will be exhibiting in our Vendor Hall – giving you a chance to purchase their products, try a demo, peruse their new releases and meet the staff behind some of your favorite hobby manufactures and suppliers. ACP Games Anvil Eight Badger Airbrush BAS Gaming Banners Battle Foam Battlefront Black Knight Games Bombshell […]

IELLO at AdeptiCon

January 29th, 2016 | Category: AdeptiCon News,Event Updates,Sponsor News     

The AdeptiCon 2016 Librarium will be featuring several popular games from IELLO, maker of such hits as King of Tokyo, Dungeon Fighter, Welcome to the Dungeon, Guardian’s Chronicles, and Heroes of Normandie.Additionally, there will be tournaments for King of Tokyo, King of New York, and Heroes of Normandie throughout the weekend that will feature event […]

Exclusive Alternate Artwork Cards From Fantasy Flight Games!

March 12th, 2015 | Category: AdeptiCon News,Event Updates,Sponsor News     

What does a Vicious Bloodletter and a Trandoshan Hunter have in common besides anger management issues? Alternate Artwork! Fantasy Flight Games has produced some very cool alternate cards exclusively for AdeptiCon 2015! The X-Wing (Guri), Imperial Assault (Trandoshan Hunter), and Warhammer 40,000 Conquest (Vicious Bloodletter) events will each have an exclusive card available…just another reason […]

Battlefield AdeptiCon – Mega Deal!

March 09th, 2015 | Category: AdeptiCon News,Sponsor News     

Mantic Games has a sweet deal on terrain good through March 31, 2015. Check out their Battlefield AdeptiCon – Mega Deal (450+ pcs.)!You can pre-order it from this week (before Friday 13th) and pick up the prepacked order at their exhibitor hall booth.The combination of 31 assorted terrain sprues and 3 connector sprues allows […]

A Picture is Worth 1,500 Words…

March 09th, 2015 | Category: AdeptiCon News,Sponsor News,Swag Bag Contents     

The good folks at Asmodee Editions have generously made AdeptiCon’s famed swag bag a little fuller this year with the addition of the Dixit “Gift” promo card. Dixit, Asmodee’s all-age storytelling game, rewards good bluffing and includes a collection of amazingly illustrated cards. The first 1,500 swag bags will include the “Gift” promotional story card […]

Hawk Wargames Sweetens the VIG Swag Bag

February 26th, 2015 | Category: AdeptiCon News,Sponsor News,Swag Bag Contents     

AdeptiCon 2015 has joined forces with Hawk Wargames in a call to arms. Earth and its surrounding habitable systems have been conquered by the horrific Scourge race. Only a few outlaying colonies survived, but those that did have banded together to form the United Colonies of Mankind, and 200 years later they are ready to […]

Dropzone Commander Lands at AdeptiCon!

February 21st, 2015 | Category: AdeptiCon News,Event Updates,Sponsor News     

It is the Year 2670 and the Golden Age of humanity has passed into history. The time when mankind advanced implacably and unopposed through the stars has gone beyond living memory.We are very happy to have Hawk Wargames in attendance at AdeptiCon 2015…and if the presence of this exciting new company isn’t enough to get […]

Charity Raffle Update: Wild West Exodus Starter Box

February 11th, 2015 | Category: AdeptiCon News,Army Charity Raffle,Sponsor News     

One lucky winner will be able to get into Wild West Exodus from Outlaw Miniatures with a bang! Their 2-Player starter box includes everything you need to get started playing this exciting sci-fi wild west skirmish game. The box set includes 28 plastic models (14 per faction), templates, tokens, dice and a mini rulebook to […]

Gale Force 9 Aims to Misbehave…

February 11th, 2015 | Category: AdeptiCon News,Sponsor News,Swag Bag Contents     

Everyone knows that AdeptiCon already has the shiniest swag bag in the ‘verse. But this year’s keeps getting better, on account of the Browncoats over at Gale Force Nine. We have it on good authority that they’re providing extra ammo if you’re fix’in to give the Alliance some uncomfortableness in the form of the Big […]

Bombshell Miniatures Donates to Army Charity Raffle!

February 09th, 2015 | Category: AdeptiCon News,Army Charity Raffle,Sponsor News     

Bombshell Miniatures has graciously donated a Special Edition Maelee Set to the Army Charity Raffle! Featuring their mascot mechanic defending herself atop a giant wrecked automaton from menacing robots, this limited edition pewter and resin model comes with a signed and numbered certificate.In addition to the Maelee set are two rulebooks from COUNTERBLAST, the new […]